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Tulips are blossoming, are you?

          The MarlaHopeBra™ was created by a breast cancer survivor to promote healthy breast surgery recovery with grace.  The pink tulip on our collection represents caring and well wishes.  So, when I discovered that my friend's daughter, Hannah, was in Europe last year and visited the famous Dutch tulips, I asked her to write about her experience and she shared her photos too.   Enjoy. . . This past spring, I visited Keukenhof Botanical Garden in the Netherlands. Known as the Garden of Europe, more than 800 varieties of tulips are featured on the grounds every year mid-March to mid-May. The word “keukenhof” translates to “kitchen garden” dating back to the 1400s when the grounds served as a...

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The Marla Hope Bra™ is born.

It is with great pleasure to announce that Marla Hope Designs™ is now ready to help women feel pretty inside and out.  We are now shipping the MarlaHopeBra™ so patients can start wearing their wardrobes in transition recovery and get back to their comfortable ‘normal.’ Designing the MarlaHopeBra™ has been an evolution of soul searching to combine fashion, health and fitness while helping others.  Many details were carefully chosen to offer a wearable design with advantageous  compression for transition with such a high quality zipper to hold you tight. (more to come on the infamous YKK zipper). We have received emails from women who have waited almost a decade for a comfortable solution; just like myself.  The journey to come to market...

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    The Marla Hope Bra™ takes the stress off your shoulders and replaces it with soft stretch straps. This new, one of a kind bra can give post breast reconstruction patients a comfortable, convenient, and courageous recovery plan.   Created with the first hand experience of being told to buy a ‘normal’ sports bra, The Marla Hope Bra™ eliminates this confusion during recovery. Patients are able to focus on recovery and not have the burden of covering their chunky bra. *   Welcome and thank you for visiting this site. If you know anyone who can benefit from wearing the Marla Hope Bra™, please share our site with them.                     *        This is...

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