"The MarlaHopeBra™ made me feel human again."
Thank you. I love the MarlaHopeBras™. Surgery was very stressful and trying. I got my first one at my surgeon's office after one week post op. The MarlaHopeBra™ made me feel human again. It not only feels wonderful, it is really sexy and cute. I now have 8 MarlaHopeBras™. I will wear the MarlaHopeBra™ for the rest of my life. I told my husband to bury me in (my Marla as I call it). LOL.
Susan, Malibu

"Our patients love the MarlaHopeBra™. We recommend it to all our patients during recovery and beyond.”

Tiffany Grunwald, M.D., F.A.C.S., Division Chief of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at Providence Saint John's Health Center, Santa Monica

"We pride ourselves by using the "best" products in the industry. That's why we recommend to our patients to use the MarlaHopeBra™ during and after recovery and they just love it." 

Jacqueline Brambila, MTS, MS, PA-C, Newport Beach

"I recommend it to my patients as one of their choices. Those who wear the MarlaHopeBra™ find it very comfortable.”

Maryam Rahnema, PT, MCSP (Eng.), MCPA Can), CLT Advanced Clinician, Lymphedema Management

"My patients enjoy the comfort of the MarlaHopeBra™. I recommend it to my patients during and after recovery."

Bunny Nedry, RN Oncology Navigator, San Diego

"We had a patient who tried on every bra in our store and the MarlaHopeBra™ was the only one which brought her comfort."

Denise Cuthbertson, CFM, Ginny's Shop, Orange

"I don't know if I will choose to go back to regular bras in the future."

Hello Marla,  The bras are very comfortable. I don’t know if I will choose to go back to regular bras in the future. These hold me in place without any bobbling.  Thanks for checking in,

Caryn, Albuquerque

"…the best bra ever! I am still wearing it and it's been over two months since my surgery."

Thank you! I love the MarlaHopeBra™! I had a breast aug and my plastic surgeon gave me a pink one. I loved it so much I ordered the black one. It is just fabulous comfy and provides a great shape to the breasts. Thank you so much. I will refer those who need a fabulous bra whether it's for breast aug or reconstruction. …the best bra ever! I am still wearing it and it's been over two months since my surgery. It has become my everyday bra for good!  Love, love, love it. Thank you again!

Heidi, San Pedro

"...better than the surgical bra that the Doctor provided."

Marla, Thank you for the bra. It is comfortable and does better than the surgical bra that the doctor provided. Your info needs to be in every Doctor’s office. Thank you once again.

Charlene, Houston

"...the bras are just perfect!"

Good morning!  Let me start off by saying the bras are just perfect! I had incisions under my arm and the bra width on the sides was so comfortable. Every part of the construction of the bra does not interfere with any incisions. Very comfortable.  Also, best customer service I have ever experienced!

Angela, Corona

"I was so excited to get my new pink MarlaHopeBra™. It brings a little sunshine into the whole process!"

Hi Marla! I was so excited to get my new pink bra. It brings a little sunshine into the whole process. Thank you Marla for taking care of me I really appreciate it. I have shared on fb and will share about it to anyone that I know that is going through surgery.  I love my MarlaHopeBra™! I am wearing it right now. When I wash it I wear a sports bra and it is not half as comfortable as my MarlaHopeBra™.  Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

Karen, Oklahoma City

“You have got to buy a couple of these MarlaHopeBras™ for your upcoming surgery!"

OMG!! Perfect timing! Hi Marla, I just got back to work today and one of the first things I did (before I saw your email) is I walked into my colleague’s office and said “you have got to buy a couple of these MarlaHopeBras™ for your upcoming surgery!” Marla these bras have been the most absolutely wonderful thing about my surgery. In fact, I needed to wash two of them last night and I had one clean that I wanted to wear this morning. So I took my shower and put on the white one from the hospital. It was SO uncomfortable with all of that Velcro and bulkiness and ugh…. So I took it off, threw it away and put on my clean MarlaHopeBra™. It felt so soft and wonderful.

I’m telling you I am so glad that I bought three of them. They are the BEST!!! Thank you so much for checking on me. You have a wonderful product. They make this terrible experience tolerable.

Women have got to buy this bra!! They will feel and look so much better after reconstruction surgery. It really makes a difference. I don’t endorse many things but THIS BRA, gets my full endorsement. Will be wearing even after I’m healed. That is the true beauty of it.

Lorraine Hutchinson, San Diego

"It is the most comfortable sports bra I have ever worn."

Hi Marla, I've had my MarlaHopeBra™ for over a year and I love it! It is the most comfortable sports bra I've ever worn! I wear it all of the time - to exercise classes, to cardio workouts, to walks on the beach. As a 6-year breast cancer survivor, I appreciate how comfortable it is , while providing support and keeping everything in place. And it's fashionable enough to wear out in public.

I just wish I had it when I had my lumpectomy. My doctor recommended a sports bra so I wore one I had. Well, it turns out that it was not compressive enough and as a result, I developed fluid. The MarlaHopeBra™ could have helped if it was available then.

Meryle, Carlsbad

..."extremely comfortable, so smooth and supportive!"

Dear Marla, I really enjoy wearing my new bra. I am amazed at how different it feels from a regular bra. The MarlaHope Bra™ is extremely comfortable, so smooth and supportive. It even looks better under my t-shirts. I like the way it fits and the quality is really nice too. Thank you for creating this bra.

Melanie, 15-year survivor

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