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 Who is the MarlaHopeBra™ designed for?

Our customers range from 20 years to 80+ years with a good portion of women who enjoy wearing it in their everyday life for comfort, support, to workout in and to sleep in.  Several have never had surgery.  Others wear it as a post-surgical transition bra while recovering breast surgeries, including lumpectomies, lifts, implants, reductions and light fat transfer.  Some physical therapists recommend it for light lymphedema in the chest.  It has also been helpful while recovering from cardio thoracic surgery.   Please check with your surgeon for your specific situation.*

 Why was the MarlaHopeBra™ created? 

The MarlaHopeBra™ was created as a Smart Alternative to the Traditional Sports Bra.  We wanted to help women enjoy comfort, compression and style before, during and after recovery from surgery.  It was important for our founder, Marla Hope, to help women feel comfortable and able to wear their favorite clothes and enjoy everyday life, even when life throws curveballs.

How is the MarlaHopeBra™ better than the traditional sports bra?

The MarlaHopeBra™ made with our Soft N Seamless Knit Design™ delivers the correct balance of:  comfort, compression and style.  Read more.

Can I wear the MarlaHopeBra™ as a sports bra?

Yes, women wear the MarlaHopeBra™ before, during and after recovery as a sports bra.  It can be your support bra from a walk down the block to yoga and a run around the track.  Women in their 20’s to 60’s+ have mentioned that they wear it as a compression sports bra; under their t shirt, jacket or alone in the gym.

Is the MarlaHopeBra™ appropriate for recovery from a mastectomy?

Generally, surgeons do not recommend the type of compression on the MarlaHopeBra™ after mastectomies.  Please check with your surgeon for your specific situation.

Does the MarlaHopeBra™ have pockets for prosthesis? 

The MarlaHopeBra™ does not have pockets, yet is adaptable for unilateral surgeries as the knit will expand to your breast size, from a B cup to larger than a DD cup with soft comfort.  Please check with your surgeon for your specific situation.

How do I know what size to order?

Please see our size chart. You may want to go up a size if you are swollen or may not be used to compression.  Either way, feel assured that your MarlaHopeBra™ can be exchanged for any reason within 30 days.  For details, please read our return policy.

What if I need help with sizing or I have questions?

Feel free to email us at hello@marlahope.com.   We will respond quickly.  We will make sure that you are as comfortable with your purchase as you are in your MarlaHopeBra™.  

How do I order the MarlaHopeBra™?

It is easy to order.  First, take a look at our size chart.  Then select your favorite color and order it online.  Please note that our return policy is quite generous.  You can return the MarlaHopeBra™ for any reason for 30 days.  Also, if you need another size, just fill out a return authorization form and we will send another size to you with FREE standard shipping in the continental US.

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How fast can you ship the MarlaHopeBra™ to me?

Once you place an order, it will usually be shipped within one business day.  Our standard delivery is 3-5 business days to the continental US.  And, it is FREE!  If you want it right away, we can ship it to you in the continental US in 1-2 business days for $20.

How many bras will I need in recovery?

The MarlaHopeBra™ is stretchy so it will accommodate you before surgery, in recovery with swelling and your new look after recovery and throughout your everyday life after.  As you would need one bra size, you may want to order an extra while you wear one and wash the other.  Some women order two colors to wear under different color outfits.

What colors does the MarlaHopeBra™ come in?

It comes in three fashionable colors.  Natural Nude to wear under most outfits.  Beautiful Black for a night out or as a sports bra and Passionate Pink for a pick me up.  Many women order more than one MarlaHopeBra™ so they can match their outfits and wear one while the other is being washed.

How do I wash the MarlaHopeBra™?

Hand wash, cold water. Wash dark colors separately.  Hang to dry.  Do not bleach, do not iron, do not put in dryer. Putting the bra in the dryer will weaken the compression of the bra. If you have a zippered mesh lingerie laundry bag, you can put your Marla Hope Bra™ inside the bag and wash in cold water on a delicate setting on your washing machine.

Many women order more than one MarlaHopeBra™ so they can match their outfits and wear one while the other is being washed.

What do women think of the MarlaHopeBra™?

Women call the MarlaHopeBra™ the perfect bra….. see reviews.

Where is the MarlaHopeBra™ manufactured? 

The MarlaHopeBra™ is proudly Made in the USA.


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*  This is not a medical device regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. No representations or warranties are made concerning its effectiveness in aiding in recovery from breast reconstruction surgery. You are advised to consult with your physician before using this product to ensure that its use is appropriate in your particular case.