Tulips are blossoming, are you?

         Pink tulips add to inspiration of pretty post surgical bra
The MarlaHopeBra™ was created by a breast cancer survivor to promote healthy breast surgery recovery with grace.  The pink tulip on our collection represents caring and well wishes. 

So, when I discovered that my friend's daughter, Hannah, was in Europe last year and visited the famous Dutch tulips, I asked her to write about her experience and she shared her photos too.  

Enjoy. . .

This past spring, I visited Keukenhof Botanical Garden in the Netherlands. Known as the Garden of Europe, more than 800 varieties of tulips are featured on the grounds every year mid-March to mid-May. The word “keukenhof” translates to “kitchen garden” dating back to the 1400s when the grounds served as a source of fruits and vegetables.                                  

I was expecting to see long fields of tulips, like most when they Google the famous tulips; however, the vibrant flowers were only displayed in garden-style arrangements. Various different types of gardens are featured on the grounds each with bulbs and scenery that reflect its essence. The flowers were color coordinated, creating intricate designs.  Some surrounded water, while others incorporated art pieces, and represented different historical times.

  Tulip Gardens  Pink tulips    Tulip fields     

Before this I had never paid attention to tulips.  I soon realized that this flower was so simple, yet so intriguing. Their vivid shades of pink and red have been forever ingrained in my mind. Even with hundreds of tourists around there was something so peaceful and warming about bulbs that I found inner peace and comfort. These flowers have had such a lasting effect on my heart as I can still map out each section of the garden. And since this experience, every tulip means that much more to me. –Hannah M.

Like a tulip that blossoms in the spring, the MarlaHopeBra™ is made in the United States to provide a bright and comfortable recovery to patients.