The Marla Hope Bra™ is born.

It is with great pleasure to announce that Marla Hope Designs™ is now ready to help women feel pretty inside and out.  We are now shipping the MarlaHopeBra so patients can start wearing their wardrobes in transition recovery and get back to their comfortable ‘normal.’

Designing the MarlaHopeBra has been an evolution of soul searching to combine fashion, health and fitness while helping others.  Many details were carefully chosen to offer a wearable design with advantageous  compression for transition with such a high quality zipper to hold you tight. (more to come on the infamous YKK zipper).

We have received emails from women who have waited almost a decade for a comfortable solution; just like myself.  The journey to come to market has been amazingly rewarding.  I have met so many inspiring and creative people that in some way have been touched by breast cancer who are now on our team.  Truly, tears of joy and compassion.  


the Marla Hope Bra is born