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The seed of Marla Hope Designs was planted when fashion designer, Marla Hope, was in recovery after breast cancer treatments and reconstructive surgery.

She experienced firsthand how uncomfortable and poorly designed the traditional sports bras were while choosing to wear them for physical therapy, to work out and later needing to wear a compression bra in recovery.

It was at that time Marla decided to develop a truly comfortable bra that would provide the right balance of comfort, compression and style that a woman wants and needs before, during and after recovery.

Surgeons may recommend to their patients during post-op visits many types of cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery procedures, that they can transition into a traditional sports bra and not to wear an underwire bra just after their post-op bra.    Most women at this point in recovery don’t feel like shopping for a bra, let alone trying one on. There are many kinds of sports and post surgery bras and it’s hard to know which one is best. A front zipper bra is helpful to put on and a longline bra can avoid incision sites.  Many post-surgical and sports bras on the market have racer backs and higher fronts which are not stylish with lower necklines.   

The MarlaHopeBra™ is a welcomed solution. Up until The MarlaHopeBra™, seamless post surgical or sports bras with front zippers were non-existent. The MarlaHopeBra™, made exclusively with Soft N Seamless Knit Design™ is perfect for a workout, a day at the office or shopping and even a night out.   Not long after women began wearing the MarlaHopeBra,™ Marla realized that women wanted to wear it anytime as it became their everyday comfortable bra.

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