Why The MarlaHopeBra™

The MarlaHopeBra™ made with our Soft N Seamless Knit Design™ provides the right balance of comfort, compression and style through everyday life, including recovery from breast surgery.  

MarlaHopeBra Smart Alternative to the Traditional Sports Bra

There is no other bra like this on the market.  
  Our front zipper bra offers relief as our Soft N Seamless Knit Design wraps around you.
   Our compression bra keeps you snug with just a single layer as it promotes healing
   Our support bra lets you enjoy amazing support every day with a personalized fit
   Our longline bra style lets you stay active with a flexible knit band, lower neckline and stretchy straps.
   Our comfortable bra shows off your curves as it smoothly disappears under your clothes.
   Our stylish bra enables you to wear your favorite necklines
   Available in three fashionable shades: Passionate Pink, Natural Nude and Beautiful Black.


 The MarlaHopeBra™, made exclusively with Soft N Seamless Knit Design is perfect to wear with your favorite clothes; for a workout, a day at the office or shopping and even a night out. Show your curves and style while wearing your favorite necklines throughout your day in your everyday life; even in the summer months. NOT JUST FOR TURTLENECKS. FINALLY!

Made in USA Patent Pending

The MarlaHopeBra has been thoughtfully conceived, designed and manufactured in Southern California.  We wish you lots of  comfort, support and style; before, during and after recovery.  


Ready for Some Style? 

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*  This is not a medical device regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. No representations or warranties are made concerning its effectiveness in aiding in recovery from breast reconstruction surgery. You are advised to consult with your physician before using this product to ensure that its use is appropriate in your particular case.